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A new accelerator model, where founding teams learn, work, and grow together.

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What is a Cohort?

The BETA Cohort is a FREE, non-dilutive five-month accelerator where founding teams learn, work, and grow together. The experience includes training around topics that ensure your company is being built upon a firm foundation, while preparing you for the next stage of growth.

It also includes access to the resources and relationships required to achieve major milestones like securing your first 10 customers, raising your first round of investment, and/or making your first hire.


206 Startups
$616M Funds Raised
2,223 Employees

Here's How it Works


Weeks 1-12

A weekly training regime includes:

  • One afternoon-per-week of 2-to-3 educational sessions
  • Plus an optional workshop to apply what you are learning with your peers


Session topics may include:

  • Lessons learned from fellow founders
  • Cap table/investing considerations
  • How to conduct customer research
  • How to protect your company
  • How to get your first 10 customers
  • Marketing on a shoestring budget
  • Preparing your pitch for the media
  • How to fundraise faster
  • Mental health considerations …and much more!


Months 4 & 5

Following the training sessions, you will use the remainder of your time with us to complete the following deliverables:

  • A business model canvas
  • A functioning cap table
  • A financial model
  • A functioning CRM
  • An active sales pipeline
  • A media pitch
  • An investor pitch (for non-bootstrapped cos.)

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Additional Benefits Include

One of the best parts of joining the BETA network is access to your peers. During your time with us, you will work alongside other founders, chat with each other on our private founder-Slack channel, and troubleshoot any key issues with your peers and the BETA team.

BETA Space Accepted founding teams will be invited to work out of the BETA Space for the duration of the BETA Cohort, at no cost.
Press Share your quarterly updates with the BETA team who will work with local reporters to help you share your story via a variety of mediums.
Peer-to-peer Support Join the bi-weekly check-ins to share learnings and troubleshoot critical issues facing your business.

Cohort members also have access to discounts from our network of technology services looking to partner with early stage startups.

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Receive Priority Status

And just when you think your journey with us is complete... the benefits keep coming!
Alumni of the BETA Cohort receives priority status for the following programs:

Is Your Company the Right Fit?

There are no hard and fast rules for what type of startup we accept into the program, but here are some common traits that have proven to lead to a positive experience:

Criteria For Success
  • First-time founders
  • Working full time on their startup
  • Based in Minnesota
  • With a scalable tech-enabled product or service
  • That is in market/able to be sold
  • Either bootstrapping or preparing for Pre-Seed or Seed Stage financing


Expectations of Our Founders
  • We won’t ask too much of your time, but when we do we expect you to participate in our programs, workshops, training, and networking events
  • Plan to block 4-6 hours for educational programming per week
  • Actively engage with your fellow founders and our network of experts
  • Show respect to everyone involved


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The lasting impact of BETA is connecting you with people. A lot of the value is the relationships you make with the founders."

- Sean, BetterYou



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