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“BETA has been great for both me as a founder and my company Black Tech Talent. Not only did I get to learn a lot, grow my network and receive great press but unlike other accelerators my team was able to also participate. I believe it made us stronger as a unit and made them feel included.”

- Mike, Black Tech Talent

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BETA is committed to doing the work to help Minnesota-based founders succeed. It’s a group effort that couldn’t be done without the help of people like you. And it’s working.



206 Startups
$616M Funds Raised
2,223 Employees

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There are many ways to contribute to this incredible story of growth and economic rejuvenation. 

Here are a few ways to get involved:

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We’re always looking to make quality introductions on behalf of our founders. If you are any of the following...

  • A corporate representative looking to work with a startup
  • An investor wanting to learn more about our alumni
  • A member of the media looking for story leads
  • A potential mentor wanting to share your experience

...please tell us about yourself.

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There are many ways to support BETA’s programming–from small Community Sponsorships to larger strategic partnerships–but with every relationship we’re looking to share your expertise and resources in addition to your financial commitment.
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The Beta Group is a registered 501(c)(3). As a result, we work with large and small donors alike to create meaningful impact in Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. When giving to BETA, your tax-deductible donations will go to BETA’s general operating funds and will be used to continue our efforts to identify and support the area’s next great business leaders. Read More


We love our volunteers! If you care about the health of our economy, are interested in cozying up with startups, and/or are curious to learn more about how Twin Cities Startup Week works, please consider joining our list of volunteers.

How We're Measuring Impact

Having founded BETA (2013) and Twin Cities Startup Week (2014), the organization has a long history of developing Minnesota’s next generation of community leaders by inspiring and educating first-time entrepreneurs of scalable businesses, all while promoting equity within the startup ecosystem. BETA has served 300+ budding entrepreneurs from diverse ethnic, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds whose businesses are solving some of the world’s greatest problems.

Interested in learning more?
Here is a collection of annual metrics that we’ve been tracking since 2014:

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