Cihan Behlivan

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Entrepreneur in Residence

Cihan Behlivan is a technology entrepreneur and operations executive, who led the first tech IPO out of Turkey in 2000. He joined his first tech startup in 2002 as the first employee, and oversaw product development and engineering teams, while managing sales and marketing efforts. Cihan started his own tech company in 2009 and sold it to a CRO company in 2017.

Cihan has over 18 years of digital health startup experience from cloud-based clinical documentation systems to clinical outcomes data collection and analytics platforms. He also has eight years of financial and operational experience in the long term care industry. He has been actively advising startup founders since, while working on a new healthcare startup.

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BETA.MN Original Founders

Our History

BETA was founded in 2013 by Reed Robinson, Ryan Broshar, and Justin Cox with a simple vision—to celebrate the efforts of local tech founders. We hosted our first event—the BETA Showcase—in January, 2014. We found a venue, invited the active startups in our network, and convinced 200+ of our closest friends to see what our startup community is all about.

Though the organization has expanded into a variety of offerings, the mission has never changed—BETA brings people together to support and celebrate the efforts of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs. We do that to increase the likelihood of their success, and to inspire others to join in the action.

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