Shonnah Hughes

BETA Board Member

Shonnah co-founded a successful nonprofit to help underrepresented adults break into technology. She resigned from the board of that nonprofit in 2019 to focus on her life long passion to introduce youth to the multifaceted technology ecosystem.
Shonnah founded Teen Tech Titans in 2019. In her role, she partnered with her co-founders to fund, scale, and grow Teen Tech Titans in Minnesota and beyond. Shonnah Hughes has spent more than a decade administering the platform and other tools to create technical solutions for streamlining and optimizing processes to eliminate manual dependencies.

Additionally, Shonnah has incorporated her training expertise in conjunction with her process improvement methodologies to effectively and efficiently train customers, end-users and stakeholders. Shonnah pioneers solutions that strengthen customer service, and the end user's satisfaction and adoption of software. Shonnah is a champion for organizations that are committed to innovation, change, and providing solutions. Her SFDC career has spanned many industries including Finance, Medical, Real Estate and Non-Profit. Shonnah is able to humanize highly technical information without losing her technical aptitude. Shonnah created the Women In Tech Diversity Chapter to address the unique challenges and stigmas faced by minority women. This group provides support, encouragement, mentoring and opportunities to collaborate and network. Salesforce's “1:1:1 model” inspired Shonnah to give back to her local and extended community. Her leadership with Teen Tech Titans, PepUp Tech, WiT Diversity & other community organizations has led to multiple awards & recognitions. Including the Equality Trailblazer award and a golden hoodie. 

Shonnah Hughes had the distinct honor of signing the White House’s Pledge to America’s workforce along with Marc Benioff. The Pledge to America’s Workers—committing to expand programs that educate, train, and reskill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement. On the rare occasion that she is not thinking about new solutions or volunteering, Shonnah appreciates the time she spends with her family and friends enjoying life's simple pleasures: football, basketball, movie watching, hosting game nights and collecting passport stamps with her children.



BETA.MN Original Founders

Our History

BETA was founded in 2013 by Reed Robinson, Ryan Broshar, and Justin Cox with a simple vision—to celebrate the efforts of local tech founders. We hosted our first event—the BETA Showcase—in January, 2014. We found a venue, invited the active startups in our network, and convinced 200+ of our closest friends to see what our startup community is all about.

Though the organization has expanded into a variety of offerings, the mission has never changed—BETA brings people together to support and celebrate the efforts of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs. We do that to increase the likelihood of their success, and to inspire others to join in the action.

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