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Yoyo Takes Care of Client Information for Hair Stylists

No matter how far humanity evolves, and how technologically advanced society becomes, we are basically always going to need to have another person around to give us a haircut. And while our hair hasn’t evolved to the point of cutting itself, hairstylists can still take advantage of technological innovation to better their business. Yoyo CRM is one such innovation, designed explicitly for independent […]

RedCurrent is the Twin Cities’ One Place for Calendars and Events

Meetings. Classes. Concerts. Coffee dates. Cable guys. Calendars are bursting at the digital seams, and yet we’re still pulling dates from texts, invitations, and websites. We dig for preexisting engagements,  search for new things to do, and manually shuffle them into the cloud. Good news – RedCurrent is here to ease the pain. RedCurrrent is building the “One Place” for calendars, schedules and events […]

KelvinSense Turns Your Phone into a Global Thermometer

Crowdsourcing data from mobile phones seems like a concept straight out of a science fiction movie. On screen, The Dark Knight transformed a city’s worth of cell phones into a surveillance network. Recent flick Ex Machina had a Google-like entity mapping the human brain based on search engine inquiries. However fantastical these notions are, the fact remains that many people regularly carry around a very advanced device in their […]

PurchaseBox Declutters Your Inbox One Receipt At A Time

Digital shopping has made transactions quicker and cleaner than ever – or so we think. Now instead of lost receipts or a bursting-at-the-seams wallet, we have an overflowing section of our personal inbox dedicated to merchant invoices and communications. PurchaseBox was invented to consolidate your physical and digital retail lives into one exceptionally easy-to-manage app, and to help you avoid […]

Camera Slice Creates a Collective Photo-Sharing Experience

At any given moment, thousands of people may be snapping pictures of a similar time and location on their phones to share across various forms of social media. Take a concert for example, where many people gather, at the same time, unknowingly documenting the experience via a selfie or tweet. It would be pretty cool […]

Hum Carries Songwriting to the Mobile Market

Software has revolutionized the music industry, streamlining and simplifying the production process, but what about the intense writing process musicians experience pre-production? Thanks to a brand new iPhone app called Hum, artists can now abandon scribbling lyrics and notes on a piece of paper in exchange for a digital library of musical creativity. Using Hum, […]