Pops! Diabetes Care Adapts Glucose Monitoring for a Mobile World

Pops! Diabetes Care Adapts Glucose Monitoring for a Mobile World

Around the world, 387 million people are living with diabetes, leading to 27 million blood glucose tests performed every day. Testing glucose levels is often a tedious and inconvenient task, and $600 billion is spent to combat diabetes annually, 75-percent of which stems from complications from poor glucose management.

Lonny, Dan Davis, Erik Davis, Chandler Stormo and Curt Christensen co-founded Pops! Diabetes Care with the goal to make traditional glucose testing a thing of the past. To them, the solution lies in empowering people with diabetes to better manage their own conditions.

To do that, the Stillwater startup is doing away with the black-bag test kit in exchange for something more a tune to the daily mobile habits of most patients. Pops! users test and monitor glucose levels throughout the day using a bluetooth-enabled SmartMeterTM that attaches to the back of a mobile device. After a sample is acquired, the SmartMeterTM analyzes the patient’s glucose levels, which is automatically reported to a paired app experience, which allows patients to see past glucose readings, while tracking other important health data.

Outside the lab, Pops! is gaining momentum in the ongoing push to develop new technology to support the diabetes community. This past April, Pops! took home the top prize at the American Diabetes Association’s Venture to Stop Diabetes Challenge, an event that featured some of the nation’s top developers and entrepreneurs.

Next on the docket, Pops! looks to complete product development and shift focus towards a public market launch. Learn more about Pops! at the next Beta.MN/Showcase event. Tickets for the event are now on-sale (until we run out)! We hope to see you at the Target Plaza Commons on Sept. 19, from 5:30-8:00pm CT.

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