Hitfsu Gives App Developers Actionable Data

Hitfsu Gives App Developers Actionable Data

Every day app developers struggle to gain insights into what their customers want, and often compete with larger companies with access to more and better information. Iman Khabazian has set out to level the playing field.

Iman teamed up with Ellie Vilendrer to found Hitsfu, with the goal of bringing high-level analytics to the masses.

Hitsfu’s Clairvoyance platform helps users identify top-performing marketing campaigns. Using predictive modeling around consumer behaviors, developers are able to better understand which factors are providing the greatest ROI and stay ahead of the marketing curve.

The Hitsfu team is generating staggering results, helping one customer increase average session time six-fold through the Clairvoyance package. Based on recent results and impending integrations, Iman and Ellie expect their team to be generating over $1 million in annual revenues very soon.

Hitfsu and the Clairvoyance platform will be on display at the upcoming Beta.MN / Showcase event. Tickets for the event are almost out, but you can still get yours! The event will be held at the Target Commons on Sept. 19, from 5:30-8pm CT.

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