Get Bizzy at the Beta.MN/Showcase

Get Bizzy at the Beta.MN/Showcase

Before it was the best-selling cold brew concentrate on Amazon, Bizzy coffee began in a search for an energy supplement to power co-founders Alex French and Andrew Healy through a 24-hour obstacle race. In the summer of 2013, the two were in need of a simple source of energy that supported a healthy lifestyle. That search led them to cold brew coffee.

Cold brew concentrates provide consumers with a great-tasting cup of coffee without the increased price tag. Now the latest trend among coffee drinkers, cold brew coffee is simple, natural and sugar-free. However, as Alex and Andrew found out the hard way, it hasn’t always been convenient. The duo dedicated themselves to changing that.

In adding convenience to an already beloved product, Alex and Andrew found themselves riding a wave towards becoming the top-rated product in its category and one of the most popular cold-brew concentrates in e-commerce. A feather in the hat, Bizzy coffee is also certified USDA organic.

Now employing five ‘Bizzy people,’ Get Bizzy Inc. has its sights set on the retail world. In the next year, the brand is looking to reach yet another level of convenience – gracing the shelves of retailers around the nation.

Come and try Bizzy Coffee for yourself at the upcoming Beta.MN/Showcase event. Tickets for the event will soon be gone!

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