It’s Time to Take Back Your Health

Communication with caregivers is critical for successful healthcare outcomes; and within the healthcare system, patients and providers are clamoring for solutions. Michelle Chaffee started a professional patient advocacy service and was assisting caregivers and patients with navigating the healthcare system. In that process she needed a place to more effectively communicate with the entire care […]

Making Science too Cool for School?

Science isn’t a destination, it is a process. The discoveries that science uncovers change every day. Students need tools that can help them navigate this ever changing landscape and with the rising importance of STEM, solutions are needed more than ever. As science teachers, the Pivot nteractives team recognized a lack of opportunity for students […]

Evolving Livestreaming into Live Shows

There’s no denying that online streaming has changed the way we consume entertainment. Live online content has huge potential to be an important part of the online video mix; it’s raw, authentic and personal.  But the state of live streaming is still version 1.0; creators have really limited tools to entertain and engage with a […]

Is It Okay for You to Sing Yourself to Bed?

Ever slept near a snorer? It’s no symphony. And the treatments for it are even less pleasant. Millions of Americans are looking for ways to conquer snoring. Lucky for them, a few Minnesotans having been working hard on the problem. Dr. Adam Black and Dr. Brian Krohn (scientist doctors) were Innovation Fellows at the UMN’s […]

Car Repairs Don’t Have to Suck!

Car repairs suck. Straight up. If your old clunker breaks down on you, getting your ride back on the road is a frustrating experience. A big part of the anxiety is the fear that comes from  selecting the right repair shop. Will the auto shop do a good job on my vehicle while charging a […]