Get Your Operation Off the Ground with Sentera

Imagine having the capability to gather insights about crop health across different portions of a field, or inspect radio and satellite towers without climbing the ladder. That is the world Eric Taipale and Greg Emerick set out to create. The duo combines backgrounds in drone technology, software development, agriculture solutions, and electronics manufacturing. Bring those […]

Keep the Party Going with Spark DJ

Music is the key to a party’s atmosphere and can influence the memories had by partygoers at a given event. Party hosts and event managers place a great deal of care in constructing the perfect sound and feel for their audience, but building a playlist can be tough and hiring a DJ can be expensive. What if there […]

Delve Health Driving Research, Discovery in Health Industry

Big Data is at the forefront of every industry around the world. With tech and analytics constantly on the rise, never has more data been publicly available. For some, this is both exciting and a cause for concern. Having access to mass amounts of information is inarguably beneficial, but tracking down the most relevant and […]

Leverage Your Infrastructure with Intervotion

Safety operations hinge on the direction and actions of building managers and first responders. Knowing a building’s floorplan, as well as its infrastructure, is priceless information during times of emergency. Having this information on-hand, in a comprehensible format, can make the difference in saving a life.Intervotion was founded with the goal of increasing public safety […]

Trip4Care is Healthcare Travel Made Easy

Trip4Care was founded on the motto of “For your peace of mind and a healthy body.” They match each healthcare need with the best healthcare provider at the best cost anywhere in the world. Trip4Care takes care of everything, and guides clients through each step along the way, including travel arrangements, ending with a successful […]